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Can Quirindi join the Australian Silo Art Trail?

As the final touches on Gunnedah's new silo art finish up, locals in Quirindi want their own creative display too.

A petition started by Quirindi Silo Art Committee has taken off in the last 24 hours receiving more than 500 signatures in just 15 hours.

The count is sitting at 637 (at time of publishing) and rising by the minute, with their goal of 1,000 signatures looking likely very soon.

The community-driven push started at the end of July with a Facebook page that regularly shares painted silos from across the region.

The main aim of the petition and Facebook page is to have the Quirindi Silos in Station Street painted and the Quirindi Silo Art Committee state they want to bring tourism and business to town.

A new artwork would literally put Quirdini on a map.

The national silo art trail draws travellers to smaller regional areas and has gained more than 45,000 followers since it began in 2018.

Considered the largest outdoor gallery in the world The Australian Silo Art Trail stretches over 8000kms across 5 states and features over 23 artists.


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