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Barnaby Joyce will 'raise hand' if Nationals hold spill

Monday at 9am

Deputy Prime Minister and leader fo the Nationals, Michael McCormack, has come out swinging saying "there is no vacancy", in response to queries of a spill.

Mr McCormack spoke to reporters in Canberra on Monday morning and said "there is no vacancy for the leader's position at the moment".

I have delivered for regional Australia," he added.

"We have a vacancy for the deputy position.

"We have a meeting tomorrow at 9am and we will decide that position them."

Monday at 8.20am

Former Nationals' leader Barnaby Joyce will run for the leadership if the resignation of deputy leader Bridget McKenzie over the "sports rorts" saga triggers a spill.

Mr Joyce, the Member for New England, told media on Monday morning he would run for the leadership of the party if his colleagues voted for a spill of both the leader and deputy leader positions.

Nearly two years ago, he announced he would step and move to the backbench paving the way for Riverina MP Michael McCormack to fill the vacant position.

"If there's a spill, Kochie, I'll put my hand up," Mr Joyce told Channel 7's Sunrise program on Monday.

"I've done the job before....

"Now's the time to do it, two years before the next election."

On Sunday, Agriculture Minister Bridget McKenzie resigned from federal cabinet over her role in the "sports rorts" saga which was plagued the government in the last two weeks.



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