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Barnaby Joyce Calls for Australia to Become a Nuclear Power

The Member for the New England Barnaby Joyce has called for Australia to rethink its approach to nuclear weapons amid growing concerns for our national security.

Speaking on our sister station, 2NZ Inverell this morning Mr Joyce questioned Australia’s reasoning for not developing nuclear capabilities.

“If we’re surrounded by people that have nuclear capabilities than we should have one as well.” Mr Joyce said.

The Former Deputy Prime Minister is concerned as Australia’s current stance has a strong reliance on the United States of America.

“We work now on the premise that America would use nuclear arms to protect us under what they call a nuclear umbrella and that is all well and good as long as they’re there, but if they’re not there what are you going to do?”

Mr Joyce fears continuing down our current path will give our children and grandchildren a position of weakness.

“Our children and our grand children are going to live in a very interesting world.

“China will be a super power, it will have a bigger army and much bigger airports than any other country on Earth.

“It will probably have a more sophisticated army, it will have a bigger economy than anybody else on earth but they wont be a democracy.

“It is our biggest trading partner so we’re going to have to deal with China from a position of strength in ourselves and that’s one reason why we’ve got to also become a nuclear power, we’ve got to become an incredibly strong economy.

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