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All Outdoor Water Use Banned From Monday Onwards for Level 4 Water Restrictions

Tamworth Regional Council will implement Level 4 Water Restrictions on all Tamworth, Moonbi and Kootingal residents from Monday onwards.

Chaffey Dam’s capacity is expected to fall below 25% over the weekend which is the trigger for level 4 restrictions as per council’s Drought Management Plan.

What do Level 4 Water Restrictions mean?

Under Level 4 Water Restrictions, all residential outdoor use of treated or town water is banned.

Other measures include:

· Council will cease to irrigate public parks, gardens, roundabouts, and sporting facilities with treated water, but bore / ground water can continue to be used where available.

· Recycled, greywater and rainwater can be still be used however rainwater tanks can only be approved by council and a sign issued if they are stand-alone.

· Trickle free tanks that are connected to the town water supply for refilling cannot be used for outdoor watering.

· There is no irrigation of outdoor industrial and commercial green spaces.

· Cleaning of vehicle windows, windscreens, number plates and mirrors can be done for safety and regulatory purposes with buckets only.

· Pools cannot be filled or tipped up.

Level 4 Restrictions were last implemented for a very brief time in 2016 and before that hadn’t been enforced since 2007.

More details about the rules and regulations around Level 4 Restrictions can be found at:


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