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Aldi has a new address and it's a beauty.

Written by Olivia Babb

Tamworth’s Aldi has relocated to a bigger and better store with locals lined up well before the 8.30 am opening time. The new address at 194 Peel Street, boasts 96 car parks and an array of products including lawn mowers and local produce.

Customers who waited in line were treated to goodie bags as a coffee van and BBQ on offer.

Moree resident Kerry was waiting with her trolley looking for automobile accessories having already scanned the brochure before arriving. While visiting town and the long drive from home, it was a killing two birds with one stone,

"I wish we had an Aldi in Moree, I really do," said Kerry.

The German supermarket chain opened its first Tamworth store in 2012, previously located in Tamworth Centrepoint Shopping, and decided to move to the larger site to accommodate for car parking and expansion.

Amy, mum of twins had a babysitter ready so she could take some mum time out and go shopping,

"It's so versatile to get to, I'm after nappies and wipes and it gets expensive so Aldi is my go-to for them."

Prices aren't the only reason customers love Aldi with the retailer having an “Australia first” supplier policy, which commits ALDI to buy locally unless the desired product is not available at the required quality or volume.

Architect Marcelo Locane from Conrad Gargett Architects having designed over 300 of the German Supermarket chains, told 92.9fm that the new store is an entirely new layout for Aldi.

Aldi is renowned for its ‘special buys’ with weekly deals on Wednesdays and Saturdays

ALDI promotes a food donation program, preventing unsold food from going to

waste by donating products to local food rescue organisations.

Aldi has just celebrated its 20 years in Australia and expanded to almost 600 stores Australiawide, taking 12.4 per cent of the market share according to Roy Morgan statistics.


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