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Airbnb is on the Search for Australia’s Best Country Pub

Airbnb has partnered with the NSW Government to launch the Country Pub Project, which encourages more travellers to explore iconic country pubs and towns.

Airbnb will award five pubs across Australia a grant of up to $50,000 to help them revive and boost business via the online booking platform.

People are encouraged to nominate their favourite country pub describing what makes it so special, and why an Airbnb grant would help revitalise and restore it’s place in the local community.

The initiative aims to support Australian publicans by generating renewed interest in small towns and communities, which have been under threat in recent years due to declining populations, drought, economic disruption and waning tourism.

Airbnb spokesperson Brent Thomas says Australia is scattered with towns that make up its heartland, and often these towns are anchored by their local country pub.

“Pubs are important places of reconnection for locals and travellers alike." Mr Thomas said.

"They offer more than just a meal and a bed, as is the case in many rural towns, these pubs are a central meeting place, post office, corner store, town hall and much more.”

People have until the 12th of July, to nominate their favourite watering hole by visiting


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