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Afternoon fire evacuates block of units in Coledale

A flat on the corner of Cossa and Warral Street, Tamworth caught fire just before 2 pm this afternoon.

NSW Fire, Ambulance and Oxley Police attended the scene and evacuated neighbours in the adjoining flats.

Fire crews got to work extinguishing the flames and police officers roped off the streets from traffic.

Neighbours who were evacuated from the adjoining flats gathered on the street looking on as fire crews continued to fight the blaze.

Multiple trucks attended the scene, with their fire hoses strewn over the street as they worked to extinguish the fire.

One neighbour said he had no idea anything was happening until he was evacuated and then he could see and smell the fire.

A police officer attending the scene said no one was injured and fire crews had safely extinguished the blaze.

The policemen said there was no indication of what started the fire at this early stage.

Investigations are continuing.


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