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8 stolen cars in 10 days

Eight cars have been reported stolen in the last ten days with a series of police pursuits around Tamworth.

Seven of the eight cars allegedly stolen have been recovered with local police hot on the trail of a group of juvenile suspects.

Oxley District Chief Inspector Jeff Budd said the suspects have a blatant disregard for public safety and the property of others.

"We believe they are known offenders and this is their forte, it's what they do," said Chief Inspector Budd.

Two cars were stolen last night Thursday 20th August with one being located burnt out on Warick Road Hillvue in the early hours of the morning.

Chief Inspector Budd said different methods have been used in each case and however several owners had left keys in the ignition.

"People who own cars need to learn to keep their keys out of their vehicles," Chief Inspector Budd said.

Police believe the suspects are in breach of current bail orders and have been ordered by the court not to be in Tamworth.

High-speed car chases throughout residential areas are dangerous to the public and could result in serious injury or death said, Chief Inspector Budd.


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