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2TM News Podcast - Banksia and Youth Mental Health with Kevin Anderson

The need for further youth mental health services in the region has been highlighted by experts and advocates in the community for some time. A recent $1.5 million donation from Joblink Plus sparked a flow of vague and confusing media articles regarding what the donation will see done for youth mental health at Tamworth's Banksia Mental Health Unit.

A media release from Kevin Anderson's office stated the donation will "provide safety for young people through short-stay accommodation of up to 72 hours featuring an emotionally designed therapeutic space, and as a recreational area for young people to be connected to ongoing support services during their stay". Community consultation for the new Banksia Mental Health Unit is currently open.

In this edition of the 2TM News Podcast, Romy Gilbert and Tim Coats discuss the new Banksia Mental Health Unit with local member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson.


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