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$116,000 Worth of Cattle Stolen from a Kingstown Property

Officers from the New England Rural Crime Prevention Team are investigating the disappearance of 29 head of cattle valued at $4000 each, from a property near Kingstown.

The missing cattle are and are believed to have been stolen from the property between November 2018 and April this year.

The cattle are described as black yearling, full blood Wagyu steers and heifers with no ear-marks or brands.

They have a NLIS tag in the offside ear and a yellow management tag in the near side ear with the letter “P” and a number printed on them.

The cattle where part of a mob of 250 steers and heifers.

Investigators from the Rural Crime Prevention Team at Inverell are keen to speak with

any person who may be able to assist with any information in relation to the missing cattle

or any person who has been sighted acting suspiciously in or around the Kingstown and

Linton area during the time of the theft.

Investigators encourage all persons to report stock theft promptly even small numbers of



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